Learn what some of the plants and animals are that live on your property and discuss various land management options.  We can assist you in preparing a land management plan and in designing an assessment of your land management activities.


Dr. Christoffel offers a variety of workshops to landowners and other interested individuals.  Topics for workshops include:

  1. Reptile Identification
  2. Amphibian Identification
  3. Small mammal Identification
  4. Habitat Management with Amphibians and Reptiles in Mind
  5. How to Inventory and Monitor Reptile Populations
  6. How to Inventory and Monitor Amphibian Populations
  7. Identifying Wildlife Sign
  8. Using Wildlife as part of your Integrated Pest Management plan


Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) training – this training is necessary for individuals interested in working as seasonal employees for the National Park Service.  It is useful training for volunteers at nature centers, state parks, museums, etc.


Rebecca has been giving presentations to the public about wildlife since 1992.  She is comfortable presenting to age groups from toddlers to senior citizens, and can customize presentations to your needs.  Commonly given presentations include:

  1. Snakes of Wisconsin
  2. Turtles of Wisconsin
  3. Reptiles of Wisconsin
  4. Amphibians of Wisconsin
  5. Reducing human-wildlife Conflict
  6. Beauty of Bats

Small-scale Conservation and Restoration Activities

Do you have invasive species that you need to control? Brush invading your prairie? We can come out and cut brush and treat stems to control woody growth.  We will also come and inspect your property for invasive species and help you in your efforts to prevent these species from taking over your property.

Please phone (608) 440-1138 or email Rebecca, for more information.


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